SOLARFOCUS-boiler is now even more effective

Pellet elegance achieves top performance thanks to flue gas condensation

After a successful year in which the “vampair” heat pump was successfully positioned on the market, the Upper Austrian company SOLARFOCUS is now presenting another novelty: the “pellet elegance” pellet boiler will be equipped with a condensing module from 2018. This module is attached to the back of the boiler and uses the flue gases twice due to the condensing effect. This means that the exhaust gases from the boiler are further cooled down until they condense. As a result, the condensing boiler requires significantly less fuel, pellets and thus heating costs are saved.

The condensing module is a stainless steel heat exchanger on the back of the boiler. Heat is withdrawn from the exhaust gas until condensate is formed.

With this module, the boiler manages to get even more energy out of the pellets. The efficiency is increased from 94.8 to approx. 104 percent.

Advantage: the condensing module is optional and can be retrofitted at any time.

Even in the first tests, the SOLARFOCUS boilers were able to achieve excellent results, and the successful company from Ortisei has already received the Italian award "5 stars" (CO <25 mg / Nm3, NOx <120 and dust <10) made.

New this year is the "large" heat pump "vampair K15". With this 15 kW heat pump, SOLARFOCUS also offers devices in larger performance classes, which makes them particularly interesting for renovations.