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octoplus - energy from SUN and PELLETS

Pellet boiler with integrated buffer tank

This unit consists basically of a hot water cylinder and a pellet burner. The pellet burner is flanged to the buffer tank and transfers heat to the cylinder where the enery is stored for usage. This pellet boiler fits perfectly with a solar thermal system due to its implemented heat exchanger coil in the hot water cylinder. Find more on this drawing.  

  • Highest efficiency (94% system efficiency! - tank + burner)

  • Compact design

  • Simple hydraulic integration

  • Perfect boiler control

Available power ratings:

  • 15, 15.5 and 22 kW

  • 550/800-litre integrated buffer cylinder

  • Ideal for new buildings and single-family homes



At first glance, all pellet boilers are the same. But the difference is in the detail – and that is significant for low-maintenance and reliable operation! The SOLARFOCUS developments are protected by numerous patents. Pioneering technology for your pellet boiler!


Heat exchanger cleaning system

  • Horicontal augers clean the walls of the heat exchanger at regular preset intervals. Increased exhaust gas temperature results in a loss of efficiency.
    Clean heat exchangers save fuel!

    Uniform efficiency saves energy costs! Manual cleaning is not required. Maintenance free.

  1. Intermediate container for pellets with suction turbine
  2. Pellet auger with single axis rotary valve
  3. Stainless steel grate
  4. Automatic ignition
  5. Downfiring combustion technology / pellets gasification
  6. Induced draft fan
  7. Lambda sensor
  8. Heat exchanger cleaning system
  9. 550/800 liters of storage volume
  10. Solar register
  11. Layer charging lance
  12. Autom. ash extraction
  1. 550 litre buffer tank

  2. Solar smooth tube register

  3. Layered loading lance (heating return)

  4. Solar flow

  5. Solar return

  6. Heating flow / fresh water module

  7. Solar pump group (option)

  8. Storage tank insulation

  9. Multi-function door

THE HEART OF YOUR NEW HEATING SYSTEM - The intelligent boiler control ecomanager-touch

To meet your daily comfort requirements, control is particularly important. You control when the heating comes on and how warm it should be. Both changing outside temperatures and your own personal living habits are taken into consideration. If the boiler used in combination with a solar system, the burner only starts up when the required heating energy cannot be provided in full by the solar system. This prevents any uneconomical boiler starts.

Control system: ecomanager-touch

  • 7" VGA colour touch display 
    guarantees simple and intuitive operation
  • Powerful microprocessor
    USB and Ethernet interface

Weather man function for solar

  • If the SOLARFOCUS boiler is connected to the internet the weather server will update the boiler controller with weather forecast data.
  • through active weather data the controller is able to utilize the solar system as much as possible in order to reduce the pellet consumption and to make the system as profitable as possible.

The individual solution for your boiler room

The powerful suction turbine in the boiler transports the pellets from the suction head or from the auger into the integrated intermediate pellet store. The patented single-axis rotary valve ensures adequate metering of the fuel and is 100% burnback-proof. Your SOLARFOCUS heating engineer will be pleased to advise you on-site and help you choose the right storage and supply system.

Suction system with suction heads
  • Optimum utilisation of the available space, as there is no need for a sloping floor 
    Also ideal for awkwardly shaped and wide storage areas 
    Minimum installation effort
  • Automatic diverter for suction heads with up to 6 suction heads
    Manual diverter for suction heads with up to 4 suction heads
Suction system with auger extraction
Pellet box with suction system
  • For damp storage areas
    No construction work required


Pellet boiler octoplus


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CPC - solar collector

Take advantage of sunlight with a SOLARFOCUS CPC solar panel collector. Transform the sun’s rays into free heat for your premises to reduce your energy costs and impact on the environment. Our solar CPC collectors can be used all year round and are especially effective in the spring and autumn, when the sun’s rays fall at a low angle. 

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This hydraulic interface unit heats up cold fresh water in accordance with the instant hot water principle. In contrast to a traditional hot water cylinder or boiler, fresh hot water is prepared and used at the same time. Only when hot water is needed is it heated to the desired temperature. Stockpiling over the course of days which is causing the problem of legionella bacteria is not possible anymore.

The energy for domestic hot water is supplied by a buffer tank, which can be heated by various systems – by solar power units as well as by a pellet boiler, woodfired boiler, traditional oil/gas boiler, heat pumps or other systems. High-efficiency pumps ensure the right volume flow from the buffer to the stainless steel plate heat exchanger.

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