SUNeco solar panel

Flat plate collector for vertical installation with 1/2" male connectors, flat-sealing, 3.2 mm solar safety glass, glass edge and adhesive protected by aluminium glass trim all round in standard. Colour Anthracite. Omega ultrasound-welded, highly selective aluminium/copper full-surface absorber with Omega heat conducting plates to guarantee a highly efficient transfer of heat. This collector serves perfect value for money.

High-quality tray collector

  • Aluminium / Copper absorber with Omega-heat-link
  • excellent value for money
  • only long lasting materials used


Available in two dimensions

  • large panel: 2.400 x 1.155 x 91 mm
    gross area: 2,8 m²
  • small panel: 1.785 x 1.155 x 91 mm
    gross area: 2,1 m²

Technic and application

Why the structure of the collector should be important to you: because environmental influences such as wind, rain, dirt, UV radiation, snow loads and extreme variations in temperature are active on the collector over a period of decades. Depending on the situation on site the solar panel can be mounted stand-alone, in-roof or above the roof.

Collector tray - the 'foundation'

  • The panel casing has a tray form in order to be robust against wind, rain and other weather influences.
  • The high quality manufacturing process protects the inside of the collector for decades.

Absorber – the 'heart' of the collector

  • High-selective coated copper absorber with ultrasonic welded heat transfer medium pipe.
  • The floating absorber which is coated on both sides guarantees you the best energy yield.

The solar safety glass

  • 3.2 mm low-iron, prism-structured solar safety glass.
  • Highest light transmission, impact and hail resistant.

Aluminium glass holding strip

  • Anodized special aluminium section.
  • No rubber seal, but a UV and weather-resistant aluminium strip provides protection for the glass edges.
    Guarantees permanent adhesion between the glass and the tray.

Rear wall panel insulation

  • 50 mm high temperature resistand insulation.
  • The insualtion is tailored for solar thermal use in order to provide long term efficiency of the solar panel.

Ring-sealing joints

  • 1/2” external thread with flat-faced gasket.
  • The special metal gasket provides a big advantage regarding water tightness for the entire collector life time. The gasket is temperature resistant up to 450°C which is almost tripple times the temperature which is technically possible to achieve with the solar panel. That provides for plumbers  a simple and fast montage of the solar panel.   
  1. Collector tray
  2. Absorber
  3. Solar safety glass
  4. Seal
  5. Glass protection profil
  6. flat sealed connections
  7. Insulation
  8. Tox-pinch

Free-standing installation

  • Where there is insufficient space on the roof or adequate orientation is not possible
  • 45° or 70° elevation possible
  • For concrete foundations provided on-site

Roof-integrated mounting – attractive and unobtrusive

  • Single- or multiple-row collector arrays
  • Standard or horizontal installation
  • Special flashings are also possible

On-roof mounting, parallel 0°

  • Single- or multiple-row collector arrays
  • Standard or horizontal installation
  • Various attachment methods for virtually all roof types

On-roof mounting, elevated

  • 20°, 45° or 70° elevation possible
  • Optimum for low roof pitch
  • Also available for horizontal installation

Façade installation

  • 45° or 70° elevation possible
  • Wall installation at 90° available on request
  • Horizontal installation for CPC-S1 and Sunny-28 only