HIU with high efficient pump

The FWMeco is a simple solution for instant hot water heating and provides you the advantage of "always fresh" hot water. It is especially of interest for customers with varying hot water demand over the course of several days or weeks. This varring hot water demand is usually happening at hotels, B&B, sports facilities, weekend home, cabins and so on. You avoid with this heat interface unit the problem of having legionella bacteria in the hot water. 


  • perfect performance-price ratio
  • No external control needed
  • Re-criculation and premix valve can be integrated
  • Output capacity 20 and 30l/min

A freshwater module heats drinking water in accordance with the instant hot water principle, only when it’s needed. In contrast to a traditional hot water tank or boiler, potable water is not used to store energy - and stored as hot water for hours or days at a time. Only when hot water is needed is it heated to the desired temperature with the aid of a stainless steel plate heat exchanger. Stockpiling over the course of days is now a thing of the past. 

The energy for heating drinking water is supplied by a buffer tank, which can be heated by various systems – by solar power units as well as by a pellet boiler, woodfired boiler, traditional oil/gas boiler, heat pumps or other systems. High-efficiency pumps ensure the right volume flow from the buffer to the stainless steel plate heat exchanger.


  1. Stainless steel plate heat exchanger
  2. High-efficiency pump
  3. 230 V flow switch
  4. Flow buffer tank 1”OT
  5. Return flow buffer tank 1”OT
  6. Cold water input 1”OT
  7. Hot water output 1”OT
  8. Ventilation valve
  9. Circulation connection
  10. Premix valve connection


Fresh water module FMWeco