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pelletelegance - pellet heating system for your home

NEW: Optionally with condensing boiler technology for highest efficiencies

With its compact design the pelletelegance is a real space saver. This biomass boiler can be installed flush with the wall on two sides. This pellet boiler is very easy to fit into an existing hydraulic with an oil or gas boiler because with its little burning chamber it doesn´t require a buffer tank anymore. The wood pellet boiler delivers directly heat for your hot water cylinder. 

The pelletelegance comes ready to plug in - ready cabled, assembled, tested and preset, thereby saving additional costs. Flue connections are on the top as well as connections for flow return and for the pellet hoses.


  • Compact structure
  • Integrated hydraulic
  • Unit easily flush-mounted on 2 sides

Power ranges:

  • 10, 15, 20 and 24 kW


At first glance, all pellet boilers are the same. But the difference is in the detail – and that is significant for low-maintenance and reliable operation! The SOLARFOCUS developments are protected by numerous patents. Pioneering technology for your pellet boiler!

Wood gasification technology

  • When using downfiring combustion technology (wood gasification technology) the released gas is sucked through the grate and burned (residue-free) in the combustion chamber with a flame tip temperature of approx. 1,200°C.

  • Efficient fuel utilization

  • Saves fuel

Single axis rotary valve

  • The auger feeder with single axis rotary valve transports the pellets from the intermediate container. The single axis rotary valve hermetically seals-off the combustion chamber from the intermediate container. 100% backburn-proof even if there is a power failure. Six-chamber system - along an axis to the feed auger with a direct flangedconnection, maintenance free drive motor.

  • No chains and gears

  • Maintenance free and simply structure

Lambda sensor

  • The lambda technology is essential to ensure maximum efficiency with different load ranges. It is the core for a controlled and emission-free combustion.

  • Many years of experience with lambda sensor since 1981

  • Clean combustion with minimal dust values

Automatically heat exchanger cleaning

  • The cleaning of the heat exchanger is crucial when it comes to ensuring a consistently high level of efficiency. With the patented turbulators, cleaning takes place via a rotating scraping edge. The turbulators clean the surface of the heat exchanger so well that no after-cleaning is needed. The flowoptimised guide plates ensure even better heat transfer of the flue gas and low flue gas temperatures.

  • Consistently high efficiency

  • Low flow gas temperatures

Integrated hydraulic

  • The return booster module with mixer motor for buffer/DHW tank charging is pre-integrated. If required, up to two additional heating circuit pump sets with 3-way mixing valve and servomotor can be easily installed in the boiler. All connections exit at the top and the components are easily accessible.

  • Return flow boost already integrated

  • Up to 2 heating circuits can be integrated in a boiler

Unit easily flush-mounted on two sides

  • With a just 0.54 m² footprint, the compact boiler is ideal for small boiler or installation rooms. In addition, the boiler can be installed flush with the wall on two sides. All connections exit at the top. If required, the flue pipe connection can be rotated, and the outlet can either be at the top or at the rear.

  • Flue pipe connection traversable (top / rear)

Automatic ash extraction

  • The ash is automatically transported into a 15 litre ash box.

  • Long emptying intervals make for a convenient heating.


  • The pelletelegance is supplied ready cabled, assembled, tested and preset as standard, which saves costs and time. In tight spaces, the pelletelegance can also be delivered to the installation site as individual assemblies, the heaviest of which weighs just 93 kg

  • Plug-delivery

  • Modular design allows flexibility


A picture is worth a thousand words

Schematic diagram of pelletelegance 10

  1. Intermediate container
  2. Suction turbine
  3. Pellet auger
  4. Single axis rotary valve
  5. Gear drive
  6. Stainless steel grate
  7. Automatic ignition
  8. Downfiring combustion technology / pellets gasification
  9. Combustion chamber
  10. Induced draft fan
  11. Lambda sensor
  12. Turbolators
  13. Heat exchanger
  14. Automatic ash extraction


The intelligent boiler control ecomanager-touch

To meet your daily comfort requirements, control is particularly important. You control when the heating comes on and how warm it should be. Both changing outside temperatures and your own personal living habits are taken into consideration. If the pelletelegance is used in combination with a solar system, the burner only starts up when the required heating energy cannot be provided in full by the solar system. This prevents any uneconomical boiler starts.

  • 7" VGA colour touch display 
    guarantees simple and intuitive operation
  • Powerful microprocessor
    USB and Ethernet interface
  • Power-saving standby mode – only 4 watts
A wide range of access options
  • Recording of ACTUAL values on a USB stick
    Remote query via Ethernet interface
  • Remote control via smartphone, PC and tablet computer
  • Info messages via e-mail or text message to your mobile phone (option)
Heating circuit and buffer charge control
  • 1 weather-controlled heating circuit (standard)
    Upgradable to up to 8 heating circuits with expansion modules (optional)
  • 3-point heating curve + heating periods individually adjustable
  • 1 buffer charging circuit (standard)
    Upgradable to up to 4 buffer cylinders with expansion modules (optional)
Hot water or DHW heating
  • 1 DHW tank charging circuit (standard)
    Upgradable to up to 4 DHW tanks with expansion modules (optional)
  • Up to 4 fresh water stations can be controlled via expansion modules (optional)
    With or without recirculation pump
Control of the solar energy system
  • The pelletelegance also controls your solar energy system!
  • Optimum exploitation of solar energy via shared control. The boiler only switches on when the sun does not provide enough energy.
  • Up to 2 triple circuits can be controlled.
    Also suitable for high-efficiency pumps.
Remote control module touch
  • Operate your pelletelegance from the comfort of your living room with a remote control module! 
    7" VGA colour touch display, on-wall/in-wall
  • Communication via Ethernet with the ecomanager-touch boiler control
    Access to actual and required system values
  • Intuitive operation and attractive design
  • Adjust room temperature
  • Adjust heating times
  • DHW single charge
  • Visualisation of solar output
  • Easy to add administer additional users
  • Available soon for Android and Apple systems


The individual solution for your boiler room

The powerful suction turbine in the boiler transports the pellets from the suction head or from the auger into the integrated intermediate pellet store. The patented single-axis rotary valve ensures adequate metering of the fuel and is 100% burnback-proof. Your SOLARFOCUS heating engineer will be pleased to advise you on-site and help you choose the right storage and supply system.

pelletelegance with suction system with suction heads manual or automatic
  • Maximum hose length 20 m
    Maximum height distance 2.5 m
  • Optimum utilisation of space
    Minimum installation effort
    For damp storage areas/rooms
pelletelegance with vacuum system with extraction auger
  • Maximum hose length 35 m
    Maximum height distance 5 m
  • Maximum auger length 6 m
  • Complete storage room emptying
pelletelegance with pellet box, with suction head, manual filling
  • Maximum hose length 20 m
    Maximum height distance 2.5 m
  • Container volume is available from 230kg  up to 9200kg

pelletelegance manual filling
  • available for 10kW and 15kW power output
  • 48 litre / 30kg of store size


Pellet boiler pelletelegance




Assembly and operating instructions

Pellet boiler pelletelegance


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