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therminator II - combi boiler - log wood + pellet

Comfortable and cheap in one go!

The customer can burn log wood or wood pellet in one boiler. If the wood burning boiler is used with wood pellet then the boiler operates as an automatic heaing system. The boiler burns high efficient on wood pellet and on log wood. 

It's good to know you are flexible when it comes to heating:

  • Manual and inexpensive heating with log wood
    Easy and convenient heating with pellets

  • Efficiency with log wood up to: 94.4 %
    Efficiency with pellets up to: 95.4 %

  • Intuitive touchscreen boiler control

Available power ratings:

  • 22, 30, 40, 49 and 60 kW

  • Manual filling, suction or auger extraction



At first glance, all pellet boilers are the same. But the difference is in the detail – and that is significant for low-maintenance and reliable operation! The SOLARFOCUS developments are protected by numerous patents. Pioneering technology for your pellet boiler!

Downfiring combustion technology

  • When using downfiring combustion technology (wood gasification technology) the released gas is sucked through the grate and burned (residue-free) in the combustion chamber with a flame tip temperature of approx. 1,200°C.
  • Efficient fuel utilization
    Highest efficiencies

Lambda sensor

  • The Lambda technology, which has been used by SOLARFOCUS since 1981, enables uniform combustion of the pellets in the therminator. Lambda technology is essential to ensure maximum efficiency with different load ranges.

  • Guarantees environmentally-friendly, energy-saving combustion in all load ranges. Decades of experience using Lambda technology.

Only one combustion chamber – stainless steel filling chamber

  • The unique design of the therminator II allows you to burn pellets and log wood in one combustion chamber.

  • Pellet operation is fully automatic.

  • The generously dimensioned stainless steel filling chamber is designed to accommodate logs with a length of half a metre (max. 56 cm). 

  • Large filling chamber – long burning time. 10-year guarantee as per maintenance contract on the filling chamber.

Hopper grate

  • The patented, funnel-shaped chrome-plated steel crucible provides the greatest heat volume with the smallest surface.

  • Resulting in lower heat losses.

Automatic ignition / ember retention

  • The boiler ignites the log wood fully automatically via a hot-air fan at the times you set.
  • You can select the "Ember retention" function: Embers then remain in the combustion chamber on the hopper grate for a certain time. This facilitates firing up after a complete burn-out.

Generously dimensioned ash chamber

  • Large ash chamber, compressed fireclay bricks. Easy to replace, no complicated setup work required.

  • Lengthens the intervals for emptying of the ash. 

  • Individually mounted fireclay bricks are service-friendly and ensure a long service life for the high-temperature combustion chamber.

Induced draft fan

  • The combustion air needed in the various areas is sucked in by the speed-controlled induced draft fan. It is controlled by the microprocessor which is built into the control system by the measuring values determined by the lambda sensor.

  • Efficient external rotor motor with stainless steel fan vanes, low noise, maintenance free with speed monitoring.

Secondary air control with servo-motor

  • The lambda-controlled secondary air admixture allows unparalleled combustion quality with highest efficiencies even when burning different biomass fuels (pellets, log wood).

  • Even in the partial-load range, the therminator II touch remains many times below the emission limit values.

Backup battery

  • The backup battery prevents overheating in log wood mode in the event of a power failure.

  • Corrugated stainless steel pipe for best quality and safety.

Flange for pellet auger

  • Pellet flange optionally on the left or right.
    Also available with blanking flange.

  • You can simply expand the boiler for automated pellet operation at all times!

Automatic switchover from log wood to pellets – optional

  • To clean the combustion grate, a special motor transfers vibrations at preset intervals to the stainless steel combustion grate.
    Boilers manufactured after 2012 can be retrofitted at any time.

  • Ideal for daily changeover from log wood to pellet operation.
    Once the log wood has been used up, the boiler automatically starts pellet operation – without any conversion work required!


A picture is worth a thousand words

Schematic diagram of therminator touch 22 with 110 liters storage container

  1. Lambda sensor
  2. Air-cooled crucible made of cast chrome steel
  3. Induced Draft fan
  4. Automatic heat exchanger cleaning system
  5. Automatic ignition by hot air fan
  6. Filling door
  7. Safety temperature limiter (STL)
  8. Stainless steel filling chamber
  9. Generous ash chamber lined with fireclay
  10. Casing
  11. Control system ecomanager-touch
  12. Primary air control
  13. Secondary air control with servomotor
  14. Backup battery
  15. Grate
  16. Flange for automatic filling
    (optional left or right)
  17. Pellet storage tank 110 litres,
    with charging auger optionally left
    Pellet storage tank 250 litres,
    with charging auger optionally left or right


The intelligent boiler control ecomanager-touch

To meet your daily comfort requirements, control is particularly important. You control when the heating comes on and how warm it should be. Both changing outside temperatures and your own personal living habits are taken into consideration. If the therminator is used in combination with a solar system, the burner only starts up when the required heating energy cannot be provided in full by the solar system. This prevents any uneconomical boiler starts.

A wide range of access options

  • Recording of ACTUAL values on a USB stick
    Remote query via Ethernet interface
  • Remote control via smartphone, PC and tablet computer
  • Info messages via e-mail or text message to your mobile phone (option)
Heating circuit and buffer charge control
  • 1 weather-controlled heating circuit (standard)
    Upgradable to up to 8 heating circuits with expansion modules (optional)
  • 3-point heating curve + heating periods individually adjustable
  • 1 buffer charging circuit (standard)
    Upgradable to up to 4 buffer tanks with expansion modules (optional)

Hot water or DHW heating

  • 1 DHW tank charging circuit (standard)
    Upgradable to up to 4 DHW tanks with expansion modules (optional)
  • Up to 4 fresh water stations can be controlled via expansion modules (optional)
    With or without recirculation pump
Control of the solar energy system
  • The  thermitnatoralso controls your solar energy system!
  • Optimum exploitation of solar energy via shared control. The boiler only switches on when the sun does not provide enough energy.
  • Up to 2 triple circuits can be controlled.
    Also suitable for high-efficiency pumps.
Remote control module touch
  • Operate your thermitnator from the comfort of your living room with a remote control module! 
    7" VGA colour touch display, on-wall/in-wall
  • Communication via Ethernet with the ecomanager-touch boiler control
    Access to actual and required system values

ecomanager-touch  with mySOLARFOCUS app for mobile phones

  • helps you to measure and control your heating system and your the hot water system.
  • If the boiler is used in combination with a solar energy system, the burner only starts when the required
    heating energy cannot be fully provided by the solar energy system. This prevents any uneconomical boiler starts.

weather man function for solar thermal

  •  if the SOLARFOCUS boiler is connected to the internet the weather server will update the boiler controller with weather forecast data.
  • through live weather data the controller is able to utilize the solar system as much as possible in order to reduce the pellet consumption and to make the system as profitable as possible.


Individually adjustable to your boiler room

The choice is yours: Classic auger extraction, a suction system with suction heads, an intermediate store for manual filling or with a pellet box. Your SOLARFOCUS heating engineer will be pleased to advise you on-site and help you choose the right storage and supply system.

Auger extraction for direct extraction
  • Suitable for large, long storage areas
    Complete emptying of the storage area, low-cost
  • Max. auger length = 6 m
    Optionally on the left or right
Suction system with suction heads
  • Optimum utilisation of the available space as there is no need for a sloping floor 
    Also ideal for awkwardly shaped and wide storage areas 
    Minimum installation effort
  • Automatic diverter for suction heads with up to 6 suction heads
    Manual diverter for suction heads with up to 4 suction heads
  • Max. conveyor length (suction head - boiler) = 30 m 
    Max. conveying height (suction head - boiler) = 3.5 m
Intermediate pellet store for manual filling
  • Intermediate store, 250 litres
  • For damp storage areas
    No construction work required, low-cost
  • Optionally on the left or right
Pellet box with suction system
  • For damp storage areas
    No construction work required
  • Capacity of 2.1 - 6.1 tons possible
  • Max. auger length = 15 m
    Max. conveying height = 2.5 m
  • With auger: max. conveyor length = 35 m; max. conveying height = 5 m
    With suction heads: max. conveyor length = 20 m; max. conveying height = 2,5 m
Pellet box with direct extraction
  • For damp storage areas
    No construction work required
  • Capacity of 2.1 - 6.1 tons possible
  • Max. auger length = 6 m
    Optionally on the left or right


Dual fuel boiler therminator II


Assembly and operating instructions

Dual fuel boiler therminator II



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