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Air-source heat pump vampair

Silent and high efficient air-source heat pump in next generation design

The correct selection of the heating system is an important decision that will have an impact for many years. With an air source heat pump you can heat cost-effectively, especially in new buildings and where low heating flow temperatures are used. 

Energy is in the air! 

  • Inverter technology - instantly and on demand

  • Enhanced vapour injection - boosts power at low outdoor temperaturs (down to -22°C)

  • Intelligent and powerful control unit

  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water production

Innovative technical solutions which convince! 

SOLARFOCUS engineers designed the air source heat pump  vampair to work optimiced in different climat conditions. Long term testing in the in-house climat chamber and large field test were made to cope with all different climats around Europe. The production of vampair is in the factory in Steyr/Austria.   

Inverter technology 

An air source heat pump which is designed and equipped with the inverter technology is modulating the heat output wright on demand. So if the ambient air temperature changes the heat demand of the building changes as well. This changes heat demand leads to an adapted heat output of the vampair due to modulating the fan speed and copressor speed. With the inverter technology you get precise power adjustment for every season in the year and therefore a highly cost effective operation of your equipment. One additional side effect of this technology is that it provides as well a dramandouse noise reduction to owner and neighbours. Disturbing and expensive start-stops are reduced to its minimum or completely avoided. This level of comforr is not possible to get with any other established technology. 

  • No uneconommic Start-Stops of the air source heat pump
  • Perfect and accurate power adjustment at all seasons in the year
  • Lowest running cost for heating
  • Additional noise reduction in comparison to any other heat pumps

Enhanced vapour injection (EVI) for low outside temperatures even down to -22°C 

Enhanced vapour injection increases the efficiency, while the power requirement is reduced at the same time. Thus higher flow temperatures and higher heating output (especially at low ambient temperatures) are possible for the same unit size. Furthermore, the compression temperature is reduced, increasing the life of the compressor.

  • An efficient heat pump can be recognised in high performance figures even at low outside temperatures. For example the vampair reaches at an outside temperature of 2°C a coeffidient of performance (COP) of 4.37. Even at -7°C the heat pump reaches a COP of 3.51 with heating water flow temperatures of 35°C.  

Low-Noise Technology

One of the biggest advantages and what you can recognise easily as unexperienced end-user is the difference in noise levels of air source heat pumps. Depending on used components there are hugh differences between air source heat pump models. The  vampairis one of the most silent models avialable on the market. This difference is based in the measures taken in order to avoid or minimise enpleasant air noise and turbulances.

The vampair has the following equipment for lowest noise emissions:

  • Radial-Axial fan with exceptional blade geometry and EC-motor (electronically commutated) guarantees lowest noise emission 
  • together with a generous dimensioned vaporizer with hydrophilic coating 
  • and noise absorbing fins 

All these measures lead to an absolute silent and pleasant air source heat pump. 

Intelligent and simple control - SmartGrid ready

The air source heat pump comes with a smart-grid interface. With the aid of smart-grid function the vampair will be able in the electrical grid of the future to use cheap renewable excess current out of over production.  

  • Intuitive controler with 7" touch-display 
  • Takes weather forecast into account

Cooling during summer

  • The compact vampair  provides the possibility of cooling the facillities as well. Due to the weather forecast ability an overheating of the property is avoided and additional energy expenses for cooling are minimised.   
  • If it gets still too hot in the building then the heating cycle is being changed into a cooling cycle and is so extracting heat out of the room into the ambience. This is only possible if the room heating is via an underfloor heating, wall heating or any kind of large panal heating.  

Silent isn´t enough?

The decisive factors to minimise unpleasent noise or air turbulances:


The radial-axial desing is the best of two worlds.  On the one hand to achieve a straight air flow and on the other hand a high efficient preassure rise.  All that with lowest noise emissions.  

  • Through the extraordinary geometry almost no air-, performance- or deflection-loss occures at the fan. 

  • The EC-technoloy (electronically commutated motor) guarantees highest efficiencies. 

Fin evaporator

The fin evaporator consists of a high quality aluminium-copper heat exchanger with hydrophilic coating and a generous designed fin spacing.  

  • The hydrophilic coating leads to a fast discharge of condensed water drops and to a better heat transfer from air to refrigerant. Hence the heat exchanger needs much more time to ice up. No coating whould lead to a much faster ice up of the heat exchanger.  

  • The time between two defrosting cycles is therefore much longer and the air source heat pump can operate longer in the optimised point. The amount of undesirable defrosting cycles is so kept on its minimum.  

Noise reducing fins 

  • It is in the nature of things that a fan produces a certain noise level. But even the best and quietest fans can be made even quieter by appropriate measures. One of these measures is the use of soundproofing fins. A welcome side effect is improved protection against driving rain. The fins also permit hardly any water to penetrate into the housing of the heat pump.

  • Rotating movement around its own axis is only very rarely found in nature. Visible fan rotation is considered to be bothersome. A screen of soundproofing fins helps.

SmartGrid ready

  • The vampair has a SmartGrid interface as standard. Using the SmartGrid feature, in the electrical grid of the furture, favourable tarifs due to electrical surpluses from renewable energy sources can be utilised.  

Weather forecast function 

  • The weather forecast function is integrated into all ecomanager-touch controls as standard.  This remarkable innovation not only gives
    the user added convenience but also helps save money. 
  • The control unit accesses live data from a weather server and uses this to tell the heat pump when to heat – or when to remain inactive, because
    sunshine is expected.


  • You can control the heating system even more comfortably with the mySOLARFOCUS app. In combination with the Weatherman, it takes just a few seconds to set your heating via your smartphone. And you can use it wherever you are: in the office, on your sofa or on holiday. 
  • App for smartphone (Android and Apple) with attractive design for intuitive operation of the main heating parameters. Possibility to visualise the solar yield with the installed heat meters and control unit via ecomanager-touch.  F

vampair air source heat  pump with one heating circuit and domestic hot water tank. 

vampair air source heat pump with one heating circuit, buffer store and fresh water module 

vampair air source heat pump with one heating circuit, buffer store with solar thermal and a fresh water module  


Air-source heat pump vampair


Assembly and operation instructions

Air-source heat pump vampair